When Queens Link: HerbHabitue

So, story time:

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Two weeks ago, as I was preparing for my trip to ATL, I slid over to Office Depot to see what was up with my new retractable banner that I ordered + it wasn’t ready. 🤯

If you’ve seen her work, @HerbHabitue you know I was salty asl. 😩

BUT—the next day, I ended up missing my flight (in the most unusual way, in fact… but that’s a longer story for another day)…

So, I drive all the way back home.

It’s late + I’m weary by the time I pull up to the house. 😩

I get to my front door + guess what’s waiting for me? 😌

Yep! This beauty! We were clearly destined to be together this weekend. 🥰

I have designed visual aids like brochures, event fliers, program/policy handbooks—even my first website this summer.

I’d never done a retractable banner + didn’t have the time (or patience 😕) to teach myself before this most recent event.

But because I’m God’s favorite child, someone I follow on Twitter was tweeting about a sale she was having RIGHT AFTER I had made my mind up about not doing it myself. 🥲

Now, Jai, the owner of Herb Herbitue + I only know each other via social media.

BUT, she treated me (+ my brand) as if she knew me for years, chile.

It felt like I had worked with her before just off the intentionality of her correspondence.

Then, there was the VISION she presented! 😍

She designed the banner to look like a blog post. 🥰

As a new entrepreneur, I can understand not trusting other people with your entrepreneurial baby. But, she was very attentive to making sure I liked the final product.

This is what I mean when I say she “does not miss.”

I see so many stories bashing Black/women-owned businesses for being unprofessional…

TBH, I don’t know any examples, because all of the small businesses I shop with are dope—ESPECIALLY those owned by Black women. 💸😍

They most definitely #SlayTheDream.

My motto is “celebrate something about yourself.” So, as a black woman, it’s important to me to share the counter-narratives to all the hate I see toward Black-women in business.

So today, I’m lifting up the Black-owned, woman-owned business: HerbHabitue.

If you’re thinking about a new or updated banner for any kind of brand, take a look at the website/portfolio in her bio: @HerbHabitue.

This series is long overdue + I have so many more Black women-owned businesses to highlight and interview.

More to come…

—Sincerely, Tyra

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