So I’m at the monthly HIVE Meetup and to spark small group conversation, I’ve been asked 1) to share the 5th photo in my phone and 2) how I felt during the moment it was captured.

A1: Clearly, this is a screenshot (which means I stole it, but that’s another post for another day).

A2: I felt rather relieved that it WASN’T a candid shot with my mouth wide open, mid-sentence and that the photographer captured my youth at the height of our learning. We’ve been having really great and complex conversations all week about the ways in which ‘God Wants Us’ and the type of servant leaders we are all called to be. @QuinnChicago

During this morning’s Meetup, one of my colleagues elected me to share out for our group. So I talked about how my motivation for sharing the photos that I post is to combat the hate that we see in the world and promote more love (interpersonal and self-love) and peace.

Maybe I’m an idealist, but I honestly believe this type of intentionality in what we choose to share on our social media platforms could have a major impact on the way people choose to perceive our city, our network, our neighborhoods, and most importantly, Black youth.

We spend so much time capturing important moments on our phones these days. What’s the fifth photo in your photo library? If you share, tag me! I’d love to see your memory!

—SincerelyTyra 🖤

For more dope, peace-motivated content: http://www.SincerelyTyra.com.

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RIP King Basquiat

“Artistry withstands the times long after the artist cannot.”

—Sincerely, Tyra

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RIP King Basquiat

Bargain in Aisle 5

Attention Shoppers!!!

I have been searching Pinterest, Etsy and the likes for awe-inspiring home office decor and wandered upon some brightly-colored Kate Spade nesting storage boxes.

I saw them at a couple of other brick and motor locations being sold separately. The three of these cute and functional decor details would have cost over $30 if I would have purchased them when I originally fell in love with them. So glad I didn’t! I bought these three storage boxes as a set from the Marshall’s on 119th and the Dan Ryan for $13!

Happy hunting!

—Sincerely, Tyra

Bargain in Aisle 5

Happy Book Lovers’ Day!

What are y’all reading on this Book Lovers’ Day ??


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Happy Book Lovers’ Day!

Weekend.Remnants | Shange.Sings

Weekend.Remnants | Shange.Sings


I witnessed so much BlackGirl/BlackBoyJoy at the 15th Annual Silver Room Block Party last weekend! The music was awesome during the main party (ahem… excuse me belting out this… I had to say a quick my bad for not listening to my girl–even though we all know this Montell Jordan joint is/was/always has been my JAM!)

We were still missing a few people by this point but worked it out by the end of the night and even added My Joy to the celebration the next morning for brunch!

I still can’t believe that this event has been going on for 15 years in Hyde Park. It vibes very much like a family barbecue or class reunion. (Random note: I personally think that Hyde Park is the “newest edition” to Bronzeville and that the SRBP should be renamed the Silver Room Black Party… You know you were thinking it!)

In some of the hash-tagged posts on IG, I saw that people had come in from all over the country. It was incredibly DOPE to see such a huge commitment from the Black community in support of Chicagoland’s Black entrepreneurs and performance artists! Honestly, it seemed like all the locally-grown talent was out except for the Obamas (…and Yeezy and Chance, but you feel me. The rest of my faves were there!)

I can’t wait for next year! I’m sure it will even be bigger and better and have even more beautiful, Black, creative, and life-giving surprises in store! If God’s will, I’ll be in the spot, too!

Until next time…



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Weekend.Remnants | Shange.Sings


During last week’s Career Day discussions, some my students asked our professional guests whether or not they bring work home. There was a time when I would have said yes.

For example, I could be having the craziest day at work. Somebody else could be working on being messy while everyone else is doing the actual work. Trust, that mess will not come home with me anymore. Recently, I made a commitment to myself to not bring work home anymore or let stressful energy follow me home.

At three years old, My Joy (my daughter) constantly reminds me “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Quite honestly, she has an energy that makes me forget about the negativity (or on some days, an overwhelming amount of work) anyway.

So right now we are over here on my couch watching sign language videos and she is having a ball.

Thankful for work-life balance.

–Sincerely, Tyra


Validation + Self-Worth

Quick reminder: Everybody ain’t able, beloved. I honestly have to talk to myself like this sometimes, because people…

1) want to stress you out

2) want you to be miserable w/ them

3) can’t understand your gifts

4) want to put limits on your talents

5) love you when your positive energy is flowing from its highest plane and you’re promoting positivity

6) take from that same energy source without intentions of helping you restore it

7) are sometimes just haters.

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Validation + Self-Worth