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There’s too much hate in the world: self-hate, anti-Blackness, misogynoir, colorism, classism…

So, the goal of each of our products is to encourage you to celebrate something about yourself.

– TyraShange –

Our newest product, the 2022 #SlayTheDream Affirmations Calendar is here and ready grace any digital screen within reach and each wall in your home, office or dorm!

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The “Happy New Year!” Debate When Queens Link

Real quick! …I just want to know how long do you say “Happy New Year?” Leave me a voice message on this podcast app or a comment on IG/FB to chime in! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tyrashange/message
  1. The “Happy New Year!” Debate
  2. When Queens Link – Ep. 6: “Finer Things” Motivational Talk
  3. When Queens Link – Ep. 5: Be Ready!
  4. When Queens Link – Ep. 4: To the Nurturers, (Guest Appearance: My Joy)
  5. When Queens Link – Ep. 3: Don’t Box Me In

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