The Overflowing

Just that quick smh…
But not today Satan.
Be slow to anger, Tyra.
Be the example, Tyra.
Be in this world, Tyra, not of it.
I speak life over the people that wish to test my faith.
I pray happiness over you, beloved. There are people struggling in my midst and you will not serve as a distraction as I work to uplift and empower these reciprocating beings. Today, I am overflowing with love and you—you can get it, too.
—Sincerely, Tyra

The Overflowing

Black Goddess

and frequently
I find myself
stepping outside
of myself
to assess the damage.
Because I
make mistakes
consequently as
I can be more human
than godly some days.

I find myself
journeying back to
mirrors in search
of how to recreate my past.
Times like these come in lulls
and with weight tugging
them downward.
Freefall, plummet
from the flat of the earth
because I am a universe all by
myself. More god-like
than ever and
unlikely to be

–an excerpt from my latest project, entitled “Soul Fed.”

For more of my poems, search for “A Smothered Scripture” on Amazon.

Black Goddess

Own It | Confidence 

Find your inadequacies.

Gather them up in a wicker basket

with as much care as you would

great grandma’s green tomatoes

and love on them.

Sing to them.

Water them.

Feed them plenty of sunlight

and fresh air.

Allow them their freedom

to become greater with time.


Or tie ribbons around them.

Or throw glitter at them until they

sparkle with your adoration.

Refine them until they transform

from often hidden, untouchable flaws

into something you can

beautifully and proudly say

you own.


Truly let them ripen.

And one day you will hold

them up to the sun and

marvel at their growth.



Own It | Confidence 

A Few Coins | Happiness. 

Sometimes people will try to steal your joy in efforts to make you move or act differently. Being wary of this and staying prayed up is a proactive way to hit the Heisman on those attacks. Another simple way to do this is by practicing more of the things you love to do. I think we are less susceptible to being caught off guard by negativity when we are actively participating in positivity and things that bring us happiness. You know the saying: hurt people, hurt people? Well, happy people just don’t. (Usually and not intentionally, anyway.) So what makes you happy? What brings you joy and inner peace? Whatever the answer is, think about ways to experience more of that on a regular basis. Then write it down and post it somewhere that you will see everyday. Here’s my Happy List (which, of course, started out as a poem) in case you need a bit of inspiration.

The Happy List:
More writing.
More writing on pink frilly paper. 
More passion tea.
More rain before clear skies. 
More faux fur throws. 
More cozy, fluffy pillows. 
More manicures and painted toes. 
More winged eye liner. 
More baking with one of those little, white timers.
More Bantu knots and twist outs.
More strawberry and mango smoothies.
More decorating bare rooms. 
More photos in black and white. 
More Black-painted art.
More mimosas at brunch. 
More pepperoni at lunch. 
More long islands at dinner. 
More twisted mermaids on black sand beaches. 
More passport stamps. 
More trips to see our mark on this territory.
More adventures for the sake of adventuring.
More Black Power theories. 
More philosophy debates. 
More mommy-daughter dates. 
More daydreams that come true. 
More tears brought on by joy.
More balance and meditation. 
More building of the nation. 


A Few Coins | Happiness.