Made My First Website 👩🏾‍💻

Quick Moment of Truth:

The post below is what growth looks like. I never thought to call myself a graphic designer almost ten years ago when I started playing around with all those apps that I used to add a visual to my quotes. Or even when I was building my MySpace page, but I digress. 😂

Photo of one of Tyra’s first graphic designs made on the now nonexistent Tweetgram app.

What’s crazy is that now I’ve created a website for a nonprofit organization simply because their leadership observed me trying to perfect my craft—and then actually liked what they watched me produce.

But even that isn’t what makes me a graphic designer in my mind. Now, I can confidently call myself a graphic designer because I can look at where I’ve come from—okay with the level I was at then—assess where I am now, + still know that God has bigger in store for me.

This “Tweetgram” photo is almost ten years old. It took time for Him to develop what I can now comfortably call my craft (one of ‘em). I have grown from my starting point because I believed God wanted more for me. And, we know that He wants more for me because I want it so much + He loves me like that. (That’s longer post for another day 😌).

When I talk about what it means to #SlayTheDream, I’m really talking about:

• the continuous growth of your dreams.
• the many small goals you accomplish that get you closer to your wildest dreams.
• + how you choose to achieve those dreams with expectation that the end result is already yours (but in God’s time, not yours).

My dream didn’t originally include being a web designer. But because I love creating + organizing information to be shared, it makes sense that I enjoyed this part of my journey. I gained some experience with Squarespace while creating/uploading content to help a friend/fellow project manager at the end of 2020. So when Quiet Storm asked me to design their new website in time for their nonprofit launch, I was able to use it again to complete this most recent project. My next design goals include: a) creating another website using a different, drag + drop host; b) to level up by building websites from scratch.

On the graphic design side of the house, my next goal is to make gains with the Adobe Creative cloud products. I’m loving Photoshop + Fresco + InDesign currently. In fact, I have always respected + been in awe of people that use it effortlessly. But, BABY, I have so much more to learn! I’m grown, but still growing. 🥰

What are some qualities or skills about you that God is saying keep working on; keep bringing to Him to perfect?

Are you satisfied with the idea of letting Him take His time to make you greater in those areas?

Get comfortable in the comments, if you’d like.

Have a joyful day,
—Sincerely, Tyra

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