My journey in faith has not always been the smoothest. I have had a few turns that took me farther away from my calling then I would like to admit. This walk is not for the faint of heart—yet, it is for those willing hearts. As we are called to make disciples and build the kingdom, I pray that people who used to know me begin to recognize me less and less-until, one day, they’ll only see His light when they look at my face.

What’s #GRWM?

Many people across the Internets may recognize #GRWM as the popular hashtag used by YouTube channels to signal that they will style a look or beat their face for an outing in the buffering video. The content creator is literally inviting viewers to ‘Get Ready With Me’ and watch their transformation into something better–even if it temporary.

Yet, at, we are getting ourselves prepared for a different type of transformation–the coming of Jesus Christ. So, on this website, you’ll see the hashtag in a post title or in the description as an indicator that a particular article includes a prayer or Biblical commentary and study.

Here are a few prayers that may be helpful to anyone who wants to learn more about getting ready for the return of Jesus and remaining faithful until His marvelous arrival.

—Sincerely, Tyra

Prayer for Inner Peace

Prayer for Enduring Life

This isn’t a prayer, but take what you need from this post outlining a few scriptures that focus on patience: #WednesdayWord: PATIENCE

Light, Zest, Space #GRWM

I talked to God in Public.

Breakthrough Prayer

Go Deeper | #GRWM

Prayed Up | An Excerpt

#HealitGod: Fear of Love

Comments on Control and Being Still


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