Eartha-Ntozake Mashup

“From the Desk of Eartha-Ntozake:

Interesting how that works for a woman—brown-braided and radical

like myself. I can be as fragile as flower

and as submissive as a servant. And yet, it’s always been the ones that said

they want a woman

who has something to offer the world

that leave me abandoned.

So they’ll never get to see me

crumbling from the inside out, tear-stained cheek bones, low and regular as they get sometimes.

Their desire to witness that Tyra never outweighs their contempt

for my need to be a free-thinking woman, radically fragile and totally emotionally attached like I get sometimes.”


I wrote this on a whim.

After a long day.

Reflecting on my friendships

and past relationships.

Always been intrigued by

the dualities people have

to (by need or want)

pack into their daily lives.

Always considered the

effort it must take to

unpack those complexities

and in front of another person

at that. Can you imagine being

completely and complexly vulnerable

in front of person? I’m aghast

just thinking about it.

What if it’s thrown back in my face?

What if it warrants a lover to surrender his love to me?!

Ready to find out?

Think I could.

Asked for discernment to choose

the right man as options seem scarce

and plentiful all at once. At once, it was meantful… I mean mindful

to want to be the fun,

yet single, holdin’ it down ass mom.

Bet. Been there, done that one.

Found that was unfavorable

or at least that ONE was unfavored

by God Himself.

He crept into my heart

when I had everything and

carried each piece of me away

like a raccoon

rummaging through a dumpster. No wonder, my ravishingly simple personality

is driven by a slight disenchantment of love. I’m Eartha-Ntozake. I am nonchalant

about it all. All the while knowing,

I have been idolized in past and current lives by men who would remain temporary.

How despairing

is it that I am continent’s worth

of Queen’s pride

and nonetheless romantically deprived because it is so?”


(Note: It needs cleaning up, but my hand started cramping. And I’m actually not too sensitive about my work, so you can leave comments or suggestions. I’ll either use it or not. Just don’t steal it or not credit me puh-lease.)

–Sincerely, Tyra

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Eartha-Ntozake Mashup

Reunion Goals

How long does it take to get over someone? Seeing this now is so interesting…

I had to find out that sometimes we set ourselves up for failure when we don’t follow our gut and rely on what we actually have: intuition, inner peace, My Joy.

The only other time I’ve felt this way is when I decided to stop caring about the man that chose to be absent.

#HappyFathersDay and a special #SundayFunday to all the men that stayed. 🖤🤴🏾💪🏾. Enjoy!

And to ones that didn’t…

Reunion Goals:

Dear Dad,

My younger brother


that he wants

to find

his daddy.

Maybe I should

go search

for mine.

In the back alleys

of my heart

there was a wonder

about you.

It’s cleared out like

morning fog;

supplanted on My Joy

like fresh fallen dew.

So I live for her.

She won’t be subdued

with the lack

of his memory.

And when he’s killing me,

I can thank you.

Happy Father’s Day, man.



Reunion Goals


To the young, Black women vibrantly

laughing your way onto the train:

in your Black attire, hot pink accessories,

yoga mats in tow; four matching from head to toe,

I wonder if you are members of a dance company or simply exercise sisters or perhaps practicing to one day train with the WNBA. Whatever it is causing your joy this dreary morning, hold on to it unashamedly. They are stifling our emotions-every one but sorrow.

We are not sorry.

Apologetic perhaps as we tour

this land that we built yet continues to welcome our falling, dead bodies unto it.

Happiness is yours.

But, pride, you deserve too.

–Sincerely, Tyra


Hair Wars and Self-Care

Spoiler Alert: This is a “Hair Appreciation” post.

Yall. I used to be the queen of bone straight hair which over time ended up damaging it. Literally took me 10 years to become comforatble with my natural curl pattern. Would have never worn my hair like this even two or three years ago. My hair and I have come so far. 😄



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Hair Wars and Self-Care

A Few Coins | Happiness. 

Sometimes people will try to steal your joy in efforts to make you move or act differently. Being wary of this and staying prayed up is a proactive way to hit the Heisman on those attacks. Another simple way to do this is by practicing more of the things you love to do. I think we are less susceptible to being caught off guard by negativity when we are actively participating in positivity and things that bring us happiness. You know the saying: hurt people, hurt people? Well, happy people just don’t. (Usually and not intentionally, anyway.) So what makes you happy? What brings you joy and inner peace? Whatever the answer is, think about ways to experience more of that on a regular basis. Then write it down and post it somewhere that you will see everyday. Here’s my Happy List (which, of course, started out as a poem) in case you need a bit of inspiration.

The Happy List:
More writing.
More writing on pink frilly paper. 
More passion tea.
More rain before clear skies. 
More faux fur throws. 
More cozy, fluffy pillows. 
More manicures and painted toes. 
More winged eye liner. 
More baking with one of those little, white timers.
More Bantu knots and twist outs.
More strawberry and mango smoothies.
More decorating bare rooms. 
More photos in black and white. 
More Black-painted art.
More mimosas at brunch. 
More pepperoni at lunch. 
More long islands at dinner. 
More twisted mermaids on black sand beaches. 
More passport stamps. 
More trips to see our mark on this territory.
More adventures for the sake of adventuring.
More Black Power theories. 
More philosophy debates. 
More mommy-daughter dates. 
More daydreams that come true. 
More tears brought on by joy.
More balance and meditation. 
More building of the nation. 


A Few Coins | Happiness.