Chicago’s Pain.

We prided ourselves on productivityuntil “produce despite a pandemic”became our reality.Into the dawn like bird songs, nowpangs of insomnia beckon us.Mistaking insanity for invincibilitycausing us to be more recklessduring the day. “Black folk the new robots.” All the while paving the way,for heavier workloads.They’re writing the code on our souls.Imputing and uploading mixed messagesin ourContinue reading “Chicago’s Pain.”

5 Steps to Reading Happiness!

Dear Followers, Wanna know the “5 Steps to Reading Happiness?” 📚 1. Search🔎 2. Find: A Smothered Scripture 🎯 3. Download⬇ 4. Read (& hopefully, enjoy) 📖😁 5. Review🆒🖒  -Sincerely, Tyra  #SincerelyTyra #SlayTheDream #ASmotheredScripture #amazon #kindle #writer #books #reading #happiness #download #review #ebook

Dear Black Mother:

To the Black Mother that has to be at work at 9, despite it being summertime with limited options for reasonable childcare in this city, yet gets evil stares on the Greenline platform for putting your Black, 10 year-old son in charge of your Black, 7 year-old daughter while directing them to grandma’s house as you board your train to work, leaving them standingContinue reading “Dear Black Mother:”

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