Hair Wars and Self-Care

Spoiler Alert: This is a “Hair Appreciation” post. Yall. I used to be the queen of bone straight hair which over time ended up damaging it. Literally took me 10 years to become comforatble with my natural curl pattern. Would have never worn my hair like this even two or three years ago. My hairContinue reading “Hair Wars and Self-Care”

Through Thicke & Thin

​34. 26. 37. Measurements that every female body secretly wishes it could maintain. Noble yet, futile tries to convince ourselves we can refrain from following the daily marketing campaigns and make bolder statements than those models draping pencil skirts over eraser thin waists and paper thin hips and thighs.   We pretend to be surprisedContinue reading “Through Thicke & Thin”

Dear Fuckboy,

​Head stay in the clouds. Skin stay immaculately Brown. Building empires up from the ground.  Queen on my throne, you should probably bow. Seeing how I get down, got you wishing I kept you around. But stay a fuckboy and stay getting clowned. -Sincerely, Tyra 

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