Black Goddess

and frequently
I find myself
stepping outside
of myself
to assess the damage.
Because I
make mistakes
consequently as
I can be more human
than godly some days.

I find myself
journeying back to
mirrors in search
of how to recreate my past.
Times like these come in lulls
and with weight tugging
them downward.
Freefall, plummet
from the flat of the earth
because I am a universe all by
myself. More god-like
than ever and
unlikely to be

–an excerpt from my latest project, entitled “Soul Fed.”

For more of my poems, search for “A Smothered Scripture” on Amazon.

Reaction to “What the Health?”

Reaction to “What the Health?”

Finally watched “What the Health” with the fam…

I can’t pretend I’m totally surprised at the facts but I am appalled at the audacity of these companies and government entities. Got people out here thinking healthy eating is a luxury, that our tax dollars are going to actually sponsor research that could one day cure cancer, or our donations to these major health foundations will support educational campaigns about preventative methods.

I’m left with so many WHY questions. Like “our” corrupted government spends $557 mill to promote unhealthy foods? Or why there is a lack of nutrition education across the majority of medical schools? And cheeseburgers laws? TF???

So what is the alternative? You should probably watch the documentary and the countless others to make your own decision. But if “any protein you get from an animal is essentially recycled protein,” in my opinion the idea of a plant-based diet is the clear alternative.*

*Dr. Milton Mills, M.D.; “What The Health”; 2017.