Get Out of My Office!

I had the opportunity earlier today to pick the brains of forty Howard University Alt Spr Break students about our work! I can’t lie, it was dope/my job is dope. BUT, their insight, questions, and mere presence makes me wanna do more/create more spaces for these types of opportunities for my teens to serve our communities while they’re in high school. I want them to have multiple meaningful exchanges with BLACK college students across the nation while they’re STILL in high school. I want them to be in programs that provide opportunities to travel the world while they’re STILL in high school. They need to get out my office 😂 …We can’t just keep them to ourselves anymore…

This wasn’t really a blog, just a rant 😂

But hold me accountable just the same!

—Sincerely, Tyra

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Get Out of My Office!


Someone told me to post more. So I’ll be posting more to uplift and liberate the peeps. I’ve decided to challenge myself to do a #HunnidStraightDays of posting on all my social media platforms.

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Curiously Questioning: Fave Female Author?

Of the choices below, whose is your favorite female author? Nope, you can only choose one!

A: Maya Angelou

B: Gwendolyn Brooks

C: Nikki Giovanni

D: Zora Neale Hurston

E: Terry McMillan

F: Shonda Rhimes

Is your favorite not listed? Let me know that, too!

Curiously Questioning: Fave Female Author?

Dying for Dyett

For any who don’t know, there was a hunger strike in Chicago this summer to save, Walter H. Dyett HS, the only open-enrollment high school in my area. I wrote the piece below in my anger and disgust after hearing one of my friends fell ill during the strike.

Dying for Dyett  (and Quality Education)

Why is this happening? 
Better yet, why is this happening in 
President Obama’s backyard? 
Why is this happening? 
Why have we come so far
only to be silenced and starved
of basic rights? 
We live in a first-class city only 
to be treated
like third world citizens.
Overcame three-fifths decisions,
yet the grip 
on this Rahm noose 
still has me 
              I CAN’T

We’re the new refugees.
Ten years ago they called my cousin that
because she swam all night long
to escape Katrina’s wrath.
Ain’t it funny how she made it to Chiraq 
only to turn around and swim right back?
I’m sitting under this Dyett tree 
and I can see strange fruit 
staring back at me.
It’s the face of my daughter
hung up by the Rahm noose.
She’s screaming, 
             I CAN’T 

How is this happening in 
President Obama’s backyard? 
Why is this happening with so few
journalists standing guard?
Why have we come so far
only to be silenced and starved
of basic rights? 
Y’all thirsty for power.
We’re just hungry for knowledge
and so, we know who’s right. 
And so, for Dyett, we fight!

-Tyra Owens

#FightForDyett #WeAreDyett

©2015 Tyra C. Owens


Dying for Dyett