During last week’s Career Day discussions, some my students asked our professional guests whether or not they bring work home. There was a time when I would have said yes. For example, I could be having the craziest day at work. Somebody else could be working on being messy while everyone else is doing theContinue reading “#InternationalSelfCareDay”

Hair Wars and Self-Care

Spoiler Alert: This is a “Hair Appreciation” post. Yall. I used to be the queen of bone straight hair which over time ended up damaging it. Literally took me 10 years to become comforatble with my natural curl pattern. Would have never worn my hair like this even two or three years ago. My hairContinue reading “Hair Wars and Self-Care”

5 Steps to Reading Happiness!

Dear Followers, Wanna know the “5 Steps to Reading Happiness?” 📚 1. Search🔎 2. Find: A Smothered Scripture 🎯 3. Download⬇ 4. Read (& hopefully, enjoy) 📖😁 5. Review🆒🖒  -Sincerely, Tyra  #SincerelyTyra #SlayTheDream #ASmotheredScripture #amazon #kindle #writer #books #reading #happiness #download #review #ebook

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