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Flash Dance

Flash Dance

In preparation for this summer, we have been taking more trips to Home Depot’s garden section. (I’ve bought two new Dracaena plants and been gifted a Dracaena Marginata tree from work because I’m a boss 😂. Honestly, I’m just trying to transform my living room into Eden).

There was one trip in which we left home high off an impromptu dance battle to the Coco soundtrack. We ended up doing pirouettes, shimmies, and plies all through the garden department. It was pretty and dope and I wished that I could have had someone documenting the occasion for us.

So, naturally, the next time we went (literally two days later because apparently Home Depot is my new Target), I filmed as much of the experience as I could. When we got home, I set up our new housemate (the plant) and watched the footage. Then a question hit me in the chest: what type of parent do I want to be?

My grandma or mom would NEVER let their children runamuck in the store like I did with My Joy these past few trips. Despite wanting to be the family star, I remember constantly being told by older family members that I was too shy and quiet. Now, the same people will say that My Joy “has so much personality” as if she displays this grandiose trait that she couldn’t possibly have inherited from me. (Actually, she’s three and a princess, so everything she does is a grandiose and exuberant gesture).

It’s no shade to my grandma or mom, because they were doing the best that they could. However, I honestly think the contrast is rooted in the parenting. We tend to stunt our children’s entire being in efforts to prevent them from embarrassing us or to keep them safe in public spaces (read: America) that do not appreciate their presence.

So as I was watching the dance party footage that I did film, I realized I he parent I’m aiming to be:

I want to be the type of parent that develops a child who is confident in her divine right to live fully and express herself freely. I want her to dance in gardens and sing at the table and share the most honest version of herself with the universe. Quite frankly, I want every child I come in contact with to feel like this.

–Sincerely, Tyra

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from Pocket Mantras.

So since December, I have been working on ways to self-motivate. The most effective one I’ve found is, of course, writing (go figure) about the strength that I already possess. Harping on these strengths seemed arrogant at first. But the necessity of seeing what could I handle and what I am capable of accomplishing on paper eventually trumped that initial sentiment. It started small with just a post-it note:

Some of my students have even seen it on my desk and started to ask me to write them pocket momentos as well. Of course, I obliged and wrote them post-it notes on all their talents and gifts.

Think about your triumphs and shortcomings–both internal and those that others have witnessed. Wouldn’t you be more encouraged to work through your flaws or more accepting of your mistakes if you had a quick reminder of how great you are on your desk or inside your phone case?

It’s worked for me. I challenge you to try it. If you cannot think of what to write about yourself, borrow mine! Or start with the fact that you are different and divinely created! Or write down three things that you stayed in the past few days! Basically, write anything about yourself that will make your soul smile when you read it.

Keeping slaying those dreams!

–Sincerely, Tyra 🖤

A few Pocket Momentos from my newest series:

You glow because you are glorious.

You can because you are capable.

You do even when they doubt.

You will because you are worthy.

—Sincerely, Tyra

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Play as an Organizing Tool

It was sooo awesome chilling with the Obama Foundation and the #CommunityLeadersCorp participating in my MindField Activity! We moved around and talked about organizing and relationship-building techniques like some true #SaturdayScholars AND They gave me such good energy!

Looking forward to the genuine leadership that comes from this group!!!

Wondering whether the Community Benefits Agreement or an employment plan is their next item of business.

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Queen Things, II

(What it looks like when I come home after work. Tied. Boss. Moves.)

Queen Things, II

Why do you despise the woman

that asserts herself?

Her boundaries?

Her feelings—positive or negative?

Stop trying to autocorrect

my vibes, brethren.

—Sincerely, Tyra

You can handle it—or not.

Choose wisely.

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Reunion Goals

How long does it take to get over someone? Seeing this now is so interesting…

I had to find out that sometimes we set ourselves up for failure when we don’t follow our gut and rely on what we actually have: intuition, inner peace, My Joy.

The only other time I’ve felt this way is when I decided to stop caring about the man that chose to be absent.

#HappyFathersDay and a special #SundayFunday to all the men that stayed. 🖤🤴🏾💪🏾. Enjoy!

And to ones that didn’t…

Reunion Goals:

Dear Dad,

My younger brother


that he wants

to find

his daddy.

Maybe I should

go search

for mine.

In the back alleys

of my heart

there was a wonder

about you.

It’s cleared out like

morning fog;

supplanted on My Joy

like fresh fallen dew.

So I live for her.

She won’t be subdued

with the lack

of his memory.

And when he’s killing me,

I can thank you.

Happy Father’s Day, man.



Check My Resume!

You know some people kill me. What’s that saying about underestimating your opponent… Well, that phrase is constantly running through my head at work.

I hear the, “Oh, she’s so articulate” or “Yeah, you really handled that nicely” kind of BS from colleagues who aren’t even on my level all day. I could let it piss me off or I could use as fuel.

Unfortunately, the last few people in my position were either fired or let go. I think the people that preceded me has a lot to do with why coworkers thinking I’m less than anything worthy of their expectations out of the gate. From my higher ups giving last minute assignments to my grants colleague’s weak apologies for not solidifying funds specific to my program areas to my office mates making the most noise by my desk when I’m on the phone (the main copy machine is right by my desk 🤦🏾‍♀️). It’s like every interaction (rather than just every assignment) is a test in which I have to prove myself as capable of handling insanity with grace and poise.

But trust, every time I’m thrown a challenge, my response is a layup. Throw me the rock and it’s done. AND I make it look effortless. People look at me and talk to me like they are so surprised I’m this awesome (read: resourceful, capable). Surely, most people thought I would break…

Well, I wonder if they see me slaying this dream.

Likewise, I hope anyone trying to belittle your shine without giving you a fair chance are blown away by your consistent tenacity and innovation.

-Sincerely, Tyra

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