“7 Post-Breakup Reminders”


Never let anyone make you forget what you want for yourself.


Remember to devote time to your passion.


Sometimes I need healing, too.


God stored an entire universe in my womb.


And screenshot all my gifts + everything I lack.


To create My Joy, the perfect peace who is watching my every move.


So refuse to let her see your tears for him.

“7 Things I Do When I’m Sad”

Read one new poem every day.
Write down all your dreams; turn them into goals.
Listen to the music you won’t mind humming later.
Dance away any tension or frustration; your hips are your friends.
Continue moving forward without leaving your conscience behind.
Begin every day as if you know it will end too soon.
Recite longer, more sincere notes of gratitude.



Black Goddess

and frequently
I find myself
stepping outside
of myself
to assess the damage.
Because I
make mistakes
consequently as
I can be more human
than godly some days.

I find myself
journeying back to
mirrors in search
of how to recreate my past.
Times like these come in lulls
and with weight tugging
them downward.
Freefall, plummet
from the flat of the earth
because I am a universe all by
myself. More god-like
than ever and
unlikely to be

–an excerpt from my latest project, entitled “Soul Fed.”

For more of my poems, search for “A Smothered Scripture” on Amazon.

Slay. The. Dream. #2017in3Words

So this last quarter of 2016 has been really insane as far as life goes. I experienced a lot of ups and downs forcing me to make some tough decisions and cut a few people out of my life, focus more on my own self-care, and publish more of my writing. Once again, life happened and I had to refocus on my goals. I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, because I try to create goals throughout the year. Yet, there are a few things I am intentionally starting to work on and want to complete before 2017 is over! What dream(s) will you be slaying in 2017?

More Dream Slaying ➕ More Goal Chasing

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Formation Station 2:19 (excerpt)

He say,
I gotta a little thicker since
my younger days.
Say, I still slay, still sexy.
Wanted to get with me
then too. Asked about my baby
and my Mr. Boo.
Said he liked my vibes then,
always knew I was cool.
Talked a bit about his bid,
his mama, siblings,  and his kid.
I thanked him, hugged him goodbye
and told him be safe.

Little dude,
needed some motivation,
uplifting for his concentration.
Mama just passed, now his brother too
Working on that….

©2016 Tyra C. Owens


Dear Love

Dear Love,

We pretend to be so into you but the truth is, we barely know you.

We think we have you under control but we can’t begin to understand how vast you are.

Maybe one day, if it’s in Your plan you’ll find us on bended knee begging for forgiveness.

–Sincerely, Tyra

©2014 Tyra C. Owens