Dream Bigger via Facebook Memories

I love how growth comes and makes dreams expand and intensify. Two years later, my first book ‘A Smothered Scripture’ is on Amazon & Kindle for your reading pleasures! Check me out: http://www.amazon.com/author/tyracowens

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To Be Exalted

Darling child,
I love everything about you!
From the tips of your tiny
nails and fingers
to the smile that lingers on,
outlasting your laugh.
You are my everything.
The sun doesn’t rise
without your light.
The moon and the stars
are mere dust
compared to the
sparkle in your eye.

Note: Samia means to be exalted in Arabic.
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Marcus Book Stores Return to SF

Little-known fact: A hobby of mine is researching news about Black-owned bookstores. 

Today’s news:
Marcus Book Stores is returning to San Francisco! Congrats to the 56-year old, family-owned organization in being able to return to their beloved, first home!
For more information about Marcus Book Stores and its legacy in the Black community, see the following social media platforms owned by the company and news articles:

FB: https://m.facebook.com/marcus.books

Twitter: @marcusbooks

Marcus Books is coming back to San Francisco


What’s next for Marcus Book Store?


Dear Black Sister (excerpt)

Dark as molasses and sweet as peppermint canes,

Go ahead check that window, stare at that mirror.

Drink all of yourself in, then count all of the ways 

white clouds whose envy couldn’t be any clearer

try to imitate those burdensome beauty features. 

More at: amazon.com/author/tyracowens

Because Melanin…

​Because melanin. 

Because sun-kissed. 

Because confidence has limited terms and conditions.

Because I imagine freedom in one’s own skin resembles this. 

Because my mother’s was flawless but mine inherited all of her sins. 

More @ amazon.com/author/tyracowens
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