Validation + Self-Worth

Quick reminder: Everybody ain’t able, beloved. I honestly have to talk to myself like this sometimes, because people…

1) want to stress you out

2) want you to be miserable w/ them

3) can’t understand your gifts

4) want to put limits on your talents

5) love you when your positive energy is flowing from its highest plane and you’re promoting positivity

6) take from that same energy source without intentions of helping you restore it

7) are sometimes just haters.

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Flash Dance

In preparation for this summer, we have been taking more trips to Home Depot’s garden section. (I’ve bought two new Dracaena plants and been gifted a Dracaena Marginata tree from work because I’m a boss 😂. Honestly, I’m just trying to transform my living room into Eden).

There was one trip in which we left home high off an impromptu dance battle to the Coco soundtrack. We ended up doing pirouettes, shimmies, and plies all through the garden department. It was pretty and dope and I wished that I could have had someone documenting the occasion for us.

So, naturally, the next time we went (literally two days later because apparently Home Depot is my new Target), I filmed as much of the experience as I could. When we got home, I set up our new housemate (the plant) and watched the footage. Then a question hit me in the chest: what type of parent do I want to be?

My grandma or mom would NEVER let their children runamuck in the store like I did with My Joy these past few trips. Despite wanting to be the family star, I remember constantly being told by older family members that I was too shy and quiet. Now, the same people will say that My Joy “has so much personality” as if she displays this grandiose trait that she couldn’t possibly have inherited from me. (Actually, she’s three and a princess, so everything she does is a grandiose and exuberant gesture).

It’s no shade to my grandma or mom, because they were doing the best that they could. However, I honestly think the contrast is rooted in the parenting. We tend to stunt our children’s entire being in efforts to prevent them from embarrassing us or to keep them safe in public spaces (read: America) that do not appreciate their presence.

So as I was watching the dance party footage that I did film, I realized I he parent I’m aiming to be:

I want to be the type of parent that develops a child who is confident in her divine right to live fully and express herself freely. I want her to dance in gardens and sing at the table and share the most honest version of herself with the universe. Quite frankly, I want every child I come in contact with to feel like this.

–Sincerely, Tyra

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from Pocket Mantras.

So since December, I have been working on ways to self-motivate. The most effective one I’ve found is, of course, writing (go figure) about the strength that I already possess. Harping on these strengths seemed arrogant at first. But the necessity of seeing what could I handle and what I am capable of accomplishing on paper eventually trumped that initial sentiment. It started small with just a post-it note:

Some of my students have even seen it on my desk and started to ask me to write them pocket momentos as well. Of course, I obliged and wrote them post-it notes on all their talents and gifts.

Think about your triumphs and shortcomings–both internal and those that others have witnessed. Wouldn’t you be more encouraged to work through your flaws or more accepting of your mistakes if you had a quick reminder of how great you are on your desk or inside your phone case?

It’s worked for me. I challenge you to try it. If you cannot think of what to write about yourself, borrow mine! Or start with the fact that you are different and divinely created! Or write down three things that you stayed in the past few days! Basically, write anything about yourself that will make your soul smile when you read it.

Keeping slaying those dreams!

–Sincerely, Tyra 🖤

A few Pocket Momentos from my newest series:

You glow because you are glorious.

You can because you are capable.

You do even when they doubt.

You will because you are worthy.

—Sincerely, Tyra

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Play as an Organizing Tool

It was sooo awesome chilling with the Obama Foundation and the #CommunityLeadersCorp participating in my MindField Activity! We moved around and talked about organizing and relationship-building techniques like some true #SaturdayScholars AND They gave me such good energy!

Looking forward to the genuine leadership that comes from this group!!!

Wondering whether the Community Benefits Agreement or an employment plan is their next item of business.

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Queen Things, II

(What it looks like when I come home after work. Tied. Boss. Moves.)

Queen Things, II

Why do you despise the woman

that asserts herself?

Her boundaries?

Her feelings—positive or negative?

Stop trying to autocorrect

my vibes, brethren.

—Sincerely, Tyra

You can handle it—or not.

Choose wisely.

#apestuff 😂


Reunion Goals

How long does it take to get over someone? Seeing this now is so interesting…

I had to find out that sometimes we set ourselves up for failure when we don’t follow our gut and rely on what we actually have: intuition, inner peace, My Joy.

The only other time I’ve felt this way is when I decided to stop caring about the man that chose to be absent.

#HappyFathersDay and a special #SundayFunday to all the men that stayed. 🖤🤴🏾💪🏾. Enjoy!

And to ones that didn’t…

Reunion Goals:

Dear Dad,

My younger brother


that he wants

to find

his daddy.

Maybe I should

go search

for mine.

In the back alleys

of my heart

there was a wonder

about you.

It’s cleared out like

morning fog;

supplanted on My Joy

like fresh fallen dew.

So I live for her.

She won’t be subdued

with the lack

of his memory.

And when he’s killing me,

I can thank you.

Happy Father’s Day, man.



Check My Resume!

You know some people kill me. What’s that saying about underestimating your opponent… Well, that phrase is constantly running through my head at work.

I hear the, “Oh, she’s so articulate” or “Yeah, you really handled that nicely” kind of BS from colleagues who aren’t even on my level all day. I could let it piss me off or I could use as fuel.

Unfortunately, the last few people in my position were either fired or let go. I think the people that preceded me has a lot to do with why coworkers thinking I’m less than anything worthy of their expectations out of the gate. From my higher ups giving last minute assignments to my grants colleague’s weak apologies for not solidifying funds specific to my program areas to my office mates making the most noise by my desk when I’m on the phone (the main copy machine is right by my desk 🤦🏾‍♀️). It’s like every interaction (rather than just every assignment) is a test in which I have to prove myself as capable of handling insanity with grace and poise.

But trust, every time I’m thrown a challenge, my response is a layup. Throw me the rock and it’s done. AND I make it look effortless. People look at me and talk to me like they are so surprised I’m this awesome (read: resourceful, capable). Surely, most people thought I would break…

Well, I wonder if they see me slaying this dream.

Likewise, I hope anyone trying to belittle your shine without giving you a fair chance are blown away by your consistent tenacity and innovation.

-Sincerely, Tyra

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Queen Things

You’re a queen. Be yourself–everywhere!

–Sincerely, Tyra

The Strength of Visible Goals

Sometimes we need a break from the digital to cut ✂️ and paste something a little more tangible. What’s driving your behavior? What are your goals for the rest of the year? It’s never too late to find one or two (or three or four lol) and put them in plain view 🖤




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Dope Woman #31

Sooo being the creative networker and master congratulateur that she is, my Best Fran coined this PR campaign for her birthday month.

It celebrates some of her friends + showcases a few of the things that they have accomplished as Black, Young, and Gifted women.

But this Empowerment Queen, Academic Recruiter, PR Guru, Sister, and Future Event Planner to the Rich & Famous who cares for the kids-all of them-is one of the few people that I actually look up to.

We have had millions of conversations of freedom schools, EPIC events and the politics of Nicki Minaj’s lyrics.

She’s the loudest introvert I know, writes like the lost lovechild of LaurynHill+Nas and is always helping someone.

So I kinda figured she would forget to include herself in the sheer genius that is #31DaysofDopeness.

So I added her myself!

V, I hope all your birthday events were EPIC.

You deserve, sis!

And I hope that we can continue this journey with you highlighting 31 women that the world needs to know!

Wonder what women will she feature in July’s catalogue of dopeness?

-Sincerely, Tyra


“The writers will get it.” -Sincerely, Tyra

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Throwback Mania

Been listening to my Xscape Essentials and this gem on repeat all week. What throwbacks are y’all listening to this gloomy Throwback Thursday?

-Sincerely, Tyra

A Win for the Neighborhood

Spent some time with these sisters last night supporting an old friend with a new plan! Not only is she a NATIONALLY-known community organizer, but Jeanette Taylor @jbt_40, is a candidate that we can believe in. Her election as Alderman of the 20th Ward would definitely be “A Win for the Neighborhood!” Can’t wait to see how this first step completely transforms our community.

-Sincerely, Tyra

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Notes from The Saturday Scholar

My Joy and I went out to be #SaturdayScholars to learn from the experiences of a few successful writers. Lucky for us, these phenomenal Black women stopped by our church, Quinn Chapel AME, this morning to share their stories and their journeys to becoming published!

Our discussion featured (pictured from left to right) the author of The Joy of Being A Little Black Boy, Valerie Reynolds; Michelle Duster, the great granddaughter of legendary journalist, publisher and human rights activist Ms. Ida B. Wells, who herself is an author of a shelf full of books and essays about Black history and women’s empowerment; and Quinn’s own, Dr. Geraldine Johnson, a seasoned educator and writer of The “I” Illegal.

I am so appreciative for the panelists dropping knowledge and the Women of Quinn members who helped coordinate this event. For more information about the upcoming events at and the history of Quinn Chapel AME Church, see

For more informationon the authors and their books:

Michelle Duster:

Dr. Geraldine Johnson:

Valerie Reynolds: and @blackboyjoyroy on Instagram

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Real-time Realizations

Just wanted to take a minute to give thanks. Also, crazy how it’s only 10 days left in 2017, but there’s still time to #SlayTheDream.


To the young, Black women vibrantly

laughing your way onto the train:

in your Black attire, hot pink accessories,

yoga mats in tow; four matching from head to toe,

I wonder if you are members of a dance company or simply exercise sisters or perhaps practicing to one day train with the WNBA. Whatever it is causing your joy this dreary morning, hold on to it unashamedly. They are stifling our emotions-every one but sorrow.

We are not sorry.

Apologetic perhaps as we tour

this land that we built yet continues to welcome our falling, dead bodies unto it.

Happiness is yours.

But, pride, you deserve too.

–Sincerely, Tyra

7 Things I Do When I’m Sad (Self-Care Post)

So, this list is comprised of actions that have helped me get back to my routine after being laid off; overcome a bad breakup, and grieve a loved one’s death. They all may not work for you, but I encourage you to find what does work to help rebuild your confidence and your happiness.

-Sincerely, Tyra

“7 Post-Breakup Reminders”


Never let anyone make you forget what you want for yourself.


Remember to devote time to your passion.


Sometimes I need healing, too.


God stored an entire universe in my womb.


And screenshot all my gifts + everything I lack.


To create My Joy, the perfect peace who is watching my every move.


So refuse to let her see your tears for him.

“7 Things I Do When I’m Sad”

Read one new poem every day.
Write down all your dreams; turn them into goals.
Listen to the music you won’t mind humming later.
Dance away any tension or frustration; your hips are your friends.
Continue moving forward without leaving your conscience behind.
Begin every day as if you know it will end too soon.
Recite longer, more sincere notes of gratitude.



Black Goddess

and frequently
I find myself
stepping outside
of myself
to assess the damage.
Because I
make mistakes
consequently as
I can be more human
than godly some days.

I find myself
journeying back to
mirrors in search
of how to recreate my past.
Times like these come in lulls
and with weight tugging
them downward.
Freefall, plummet
from the flat of the earth
because I am a universe all by
myself. More god-like
than ever and
unlikely to be

–an excerpt from my latest project, entitled “Soul Fed.”

For more of my poems, search for “A Smothered Scripture” on Amazon.

Hair Wars and Self-Care

Spoiler Alert: This is a “Hair Appreciation” post.

Yall. I used to be the queen of bone straight hair which over time ended up damaging it. Literally took me 10 years to become comforatble with my natural curl pattern. Would have never worn my hair like this even two or three years ago. My hair and I have come so far. 😄



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Reaction to “What the Health?”

Finally watched “What the Health” with the fam…

I can’t pretend I’m totally surprised at the facts but I am appalled at the audacity of these companies and government entities. Got people out here thinking healthy eating is a luxury, that our tax dollars are going to actually sponsor research that could one day cure cancer, or our donations to these major health foundations will support educational campaigns about preventative methods.

I’m left with so many WHY questions. Like “our” corrupted government spends $557 mill to promote unhealthy foods? Or why there is a lack of nutrition education across the majority of medical schools? And cheeseburgers laws? TF???

So what is the alternative? You should probably watch the documentary and the countless others to make your own decision. But if “any protein you get from an animal is essentially recycled protein,” in my opinion the idea of a plant-based diet is the clear alternative.*

*Dr. Milton Mills, M.D.; “What The Health”; 2017.


I always wondered

how birds feel

gliding through the open 

sky, nestling on the 

highest branch,

above the chaos 

of the world,

above the clouds 

and their rain.

So close to the sun,

what need would they 

have to lower themselves 

to the ground?
Have you even noticed 

the dirty red robins in

the nest outside 

your window?

I wonder now if 

they can hear our bodies

singing to each other;

Or our silent prayers 

for one another 

and each meal you’ve cooked.
I like to pretend

I know what they 

sense gliding through 

a cloudless sky or 

perched high above the 

world when I am near you. 

Own It | Confidence 

Find your inadequacies.

Gather them up in a wicker basket

with as much care as you would

great grandma’s green tomatoes

and love on them.

Sing to them.

Water them.

Feed them plenty of sunlight

and fresh air.

Allow them their freedom

to become greater with time.


Or tie ribbons around them.

Or throw glitter at them until they

sparkle with your adoration.

Refine them until they transform

from often hidden, untouchable flaws

into something you can

beautifully and proudly say

you own.


Truly let them ripen.

And one day you will hold

them up to the sun and

marvel at their growth.



A Sprinkle of Black History Magic 

Dear Everyone:

Biennially, I do a daily post during Black History Month (BHM) on my Instagram. I treat it like my own little 28-Day challenge. Perhaps next year, I’ll get my life together enough in January to actually create one of those cute, little calendars that mysteriously floats around the internets with a daily theme to showcase as much Black glory, Black struggle and Black ingenuity a measly 28 days can capture. But for now, all I can muster up is my own random, morning Instagram posts that easily are more of a testament to how I am feeling when I wake up than the vast history and beauty that is my people’s legacy. (At least I am not claiming to be a veteran historian, right? #KnowYourStrengths2017)

Therefore, this post will be a running tab of my daily IG posts–freshly copied and pasted–for your browsing pleasures. Quick backstory: I started doing these posts to spark conversation with my high school students, because, Chicago Public School’s (as I’m sure other places, alike) curriculum has been missing the mark when it comes to empowering our Black babies with knowledge about their cultures, their leaders, and definetly their historical accomplishments.

So if you see something you like or a bit of history you did not know, let’s talk about it! Want to add significant data that I have missed? You are more than welcome to do that, too! Let’s make the sharing of these tidbits of knowledge a unified front with the spirit of Carter G. Woodson himself.

Note:(1) If you would like to see this daily curation of Black Historical Magic at its original destination, follow me on IG @SincerelyTyra.

(2) There are four hashtags (#) that will ALWAYS accompany my daily BHM posts. They include:




#DistinguishYourself –Again, this started as a way to encourage and empower my all-Black group of high school students at work.

(3) I think I am also supposed to mention that these photos are not my own unless otherwise noted. In other words, don’t sue me!

Day 1: 
Of course on Day 1 of this month, I woke up like this:

Strolling thru the first day of Black History Month like…


Day 2:

Since it’s Day 2 of BHM…

What other FLOTUS had TWO ivy league degrees? That’s right, you don’t know NAAN! (Trick Daddy and Trina fades into the background).


Day 3 of BHM | Chicago Edition:


The day after the Chicago City Council voted to rename South Park Way after the recently assassinated Martin Luther King Jr, summer students at Dunbar Vocational High School Willie Thornton, Lamar Jackson and Pat Foster couldn’t wait for the city to change the signs. Some aldermen had complained that King deserved more of a tribute. That came five years later when Illinois became the first state to honor the civil-rights leader with a holiday.

Shoutout to my DVCA alum!

(Original source:


Day 4:

Happy Belated, Mr. Hughes!

Since he’s so popular, I’ll indignantly assume you know who he is and leave you with one of his less popular poems. 

Dream Variations

 To fling my arms wide

In some place of the sun,

To whirl and to dance

Till the white day is done.

Then rest at cool evening

Beneath a tall tree

While night comes on gently,

    Dark like me—

That is my dream!

To fling my arms wide

In the face of the sun,

Dance!  Whirl!  Whirl!

Till the quick day is done.

Rest at pale evening . . .

A tall, slim tree . . .

Night coming tenderly

    Black like me.

-Langston Hughes

Find this and more of his work @!


Day 5:

Sunday’s Best: Crowd outside of fashionable Negro church after Easter Sunday service, Chicago, Illinois (c. 1941) 



I’m a few days behind… so enjoy this quick flood.

Day 6

We See You: Tracee Ellis Ross made history this year when she took home a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Comedy/Musical (for her role in Black•ish). The last Black woman to be recognized and honored by the GG’s Hollywood Film Society with this award was Debbie Allen some 34 years ago for the show Fame. 


Day 7

Untold Histories Pt. 1:

1. Read the caption. 

2. Fact check. 

3. Congratulate the man, the mission, and the students who have advanced because it. 

4. Share the good news.


Day 8:

A Writer’s Work:

“I’m the first black woman to write for Marvel,” Gay explains in the video above. “Which makes no sense. I didn’t know that when I signed on. And quite honestly, they didn’t either.”


Reminder | Queen Things

Quick Reminder. In case you forgot. 

A Few Coins | Happiness. 

Sometimes people will try to steal your joy in efforts to make you move or act differently. Being wary of this and staying prayed up is a proactive way to hit the Heisman on those attacks. Another simple way to do this is by practicing more of the things you love to do. I think we are less susceptible to being caught off guard by negativity when we are actively participating in positivity and things that bring us happiness. You know the saying: hurt people, hurt people? Well, happy people just don’t. (Usually and not intentionally, anyway.) So what makes you happy? What brings you joy and inner peace? Whatever the answer is, think about ways to experience more of that on a regular basis. Then write it down and post it somewhere that you will see everyday. Here’s my Happy List (which, of course, started out as a poem) in case you need a bit of inspiration.

The Happy List:
More writing.
More writing on pink frilly paper. 
More passion tea.
More rain before clear skies. 
More faux fur throws. 
More cozy, fluffy pillows. 
More manicures and painted toes. 
More winged eye liner. 
More baking with one of those little, white timers.
More Bantu knots and twist outs.
More strawberry and mango smoothies.
More decorating bare rooms. 
More photos in black and white. 
More Black-painted art.
More mimosas at brunch. 
More pepperoni at lunch. 
More long islands at dinner. 
More twisted mermaids on black sand beaches. 
More passport stamps. 
More trips to see our mark on this territory.
More adventures for the sake of adventuring.
More Black Power theories. 
More philosophy debates. 
More mommy-daughter dates. 
More daydreams that come true. 
More tears brought on by joy.
More balance and meditation. 
More building of the nation. 


Slay. The. Dream.  #2017in3Words

So this last quarter of 2016 has been really insane as far as life goes. I experienced a lot of ups and downs forcing me to make some tough decisions and cut a few people out of my life, focus more on my own self-care, and publish more of my writing. Once again, life happened and I had to refocus on my goals. I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, because I try to create goals throughout the year. Yet, there are a few things I am intentionally starting to work on and want to complete before 2017 is over! What dream(s) will you be slaying in 2017?

More Dream Slaying ➕ More Goal Chasing

#2017in3words #SincerelyTyra #SlayTheDream #goals #dreams 

Coins | Uplift

Dear Love,

If you have it within you, uplift someone through word or deed today. You never how you may brighten someone’s day through a simple acknowledgement of their value to you and to this world.

Sincerely, Tyra 

5 Steps to Reading Happiness!

Dear Followers,

Wanna know the “5 Steps to Reading Happiness?” 📚

1. Search🔎

2. Find: A Smothered Scripture 🎯

3. Download⬇

4. Read (& hopefully, enjoy) 📖😁

5. Review🆒🖒 
-Sincerely, Tyra 
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A Few Coins | Thoughts 


Don’t get comfortable. Don’t get complacent. Challenging yourself begets innovation. If you’re not doing that, you’re not growing. And anything not growing is dead. #SlayTheDream 


1. Love is the most simple concept and feeling that we tend to complicate.

2. I just want it to be memorable.

3. Remember to devote time to your passion today. Whatever makes you smile from your inner-self, practice on that. #SincerelyTyra #SlayTheDream

Grinding On His Vision

I found this photo on Google this morning (which credits as the source lol) and realized that as much as I try to hold my tongue on the things I want to do in life, I ALWAYS end up telling someone. Usually my grandma or a best friend are the people with whom I choose to share my new ideas. Having a confidante or two is great, but not everyone has eyes for the work that He puts in us to complete. 

Ultimately, I think sometimes we delay our own positive outcomes by sharing too much of the vision God want us to carry out with others. This delay usually manifests in our response to one person’s negative vibes or another individual’s sheer misunderstanding of the dream. For example, I cannot remember how many times I had to explain to my family that I was going to be an the first Black AND first Woman President! Why did it matter to my grandmother how hard it would be for me to succeed? Why was I constantly reminded about how much stress must have come with decision-making for the entire free world? Needless to say, I gave up on becoming the first Black AND first Woman President of the United States of America. 

Decades and new dreams later, I am still explaining myself and my goals to people that sometimes cannot see the vision. Thankfully, this photo helped me realize that not everybody (no matter how close or familiar lol) needs to be on your soundboard/leadership team. Sometimes it is better to leave the conversation of your desires with The One that created the dream in your heart. 

What desires are you sharing with others that only God understands?

Through Thicke & Thin

34. 26. 37.

Measurements that every female body

secretly wishes it could maintain.
Noble yet, futile tries to convince
ourselves we can refrain
from following the daily marketing campaigns

and make bolder statements than those
models draping pencil skirts over eraser thin waists
and paper thin hips and thighs.  
We pretend to be surprised
when friend number five
tries the Hollywood diet of the week
and friend number nine
commits to a lemon juice and vodka routine
treating themselves on a good day to a handful grapes.

And we’re actually wondering if they’re on to something 

since all we really want to do is skip dinner,

call it a night early, and sleep off the hunger pains.

-written August 7, 2009-

Making Friends With This Body

I guess you could say my body broke my heart one too many times, so we stopped being friends. And although I didn’t start it, I finished it. We are both to blame.

Source: Making Friends With This Body

Dear Fuckboy,

​Head stay in the clouds.

Skin stay immaculately Brown.

Building empires up from the ground. 

Queen on my throne, you should probably bow.

Seeing how I get down,

got you wishing I kept you around.

But stay a fuckboy and stay getting clowned.

-Sincerely, Tyra 


​Dear Self,

Sometimes your love alone isn’t enough to combat the diseases that live in other people’s hearts. 

Sincerely, Tyra 

Dream Bigger via Facebook Memories

I love how growth comes and makes dreams expand and intensify. Two years later, my first book ‘A Smothered Scripture’ is on Amazon & Kindle for your reading pleasures! Check me out:

#HunnidStraightDays #SincerelyTyra #DreamBigger #MakeItHappen

Because Grace. 

Dear Love

Amazon & Kindle: ‘A Smothered Scripture’

Instagram: @SincerelyTyra 

​Because we all could use a little more SincerelyTyra, click the link in my bio… #HunnidStraightDays #Instagram

Twitter: @TyTaughtYou 

You know you want to increase your daily Sincerely, Tyra intake. Go ahead and follow to boost your emotional, health.

To Be Exalted

Darling child,
I love everything about you!
From the tips of your tiny
nails and fingers
to the smile that lingers on,
outlasting your laugh.
You are my everything.
The sun doesn’t rise
without your light.
The moon and the stars
are mere dust
compared to the
sparkle in your eye.

Note: Samia means to be exalted in Arabic.
To purchase my book, see

Marcus Book Stores Return to SF

Little-known fact: A hobby of mine is researching news about Black-owned bookstores. 

Today’s news:
Marcus Book Stores is returning to San Francisco! Congrats to the 56-year old, family-owned organization in being able to return to their beloved, first home!
For more information about Marcus Book Stores and its legacy in the Black community, see the following social media platforms owned by the company and news articles:


Twitter: @marcusbooks

Marcus Books is coming back to San Francisco

What’s next for Marcus Book Store?

Dear Black Sister (excerpt)

Dark as molasses and sweet as peppermint canes,

Go ahead check that window, stare at that mirror.

Drink all of yourself in, then count all of the ways 

white clouds whose envy couldn’t be any clearer

try to imitate those burdensome beauty features. 

More at:

Because Melanin…

​Because melanin. 

Because sun-kissed. 

Because confidence has limited terms and conditions.

Because I imagine freedom in one’s own skin resembles this. 

Because my mother’s was flawless but mine inherited all of her sins. 

More @
#HunnidStraightDays #melaninpower #skinglory #beauty #confidence #poetry #writeallday #tbt

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