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Hi! My name is TyraShange + I want to know some of your favorite things. A while ago, I created a list of (some of) my favorite things.

I took some time to update it with a few more things that I think would make me smile in this season in life.

“Tyra’s List of More”
More writing.
More writing on pink frilly paper.
More passion tea.
More rain before clear skies.
More faux fur throws.
More cozy, fluffy pillows.
More manicures and painted toes.
More winged eye liner.
More Bantu knots and twist outs.
More strawberry and mango smoothies.
More decorating bare rooms.
More photos in black and white.
More Black-painted art.
More mimosas at brunch.
More pepperoni at lunch.
More long islands at dinner.
More Twisted Mermaids on black sand beaches.
More passport stamps.
More trips to see our mark on this territory.
More adventures for the sake of adventuring.
More Black Power theories.
More philosophy debates.
More mommy-daughter dates.
More daydreams that come true.
More tears brought on by joy.
More balance + meditation.
More loving + peaceful days.
More PDAs in slightly public places.
More hip sways on dance floors.
More long kisses as we say goodnight at the door.
More car rides with somebody’s son holding my left thigh.
More group “selfies.”
More smiles surrounded by melanated skin.
More skies with God-painted sunsets.
More building of the nation.
More vision boards +
more time to carry out the vision.”

What makes you happy? What brings you joy and inner peace? Comment below ⬇️. But, whatever the answer is, think about ways to incorporate more of it into your daily life. And remind yourself that you deserve these things/experiences!

For more motivation, click the link in my bio.

—Sincerely, Tyra 💕

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