Get Your 2023 #SLAYTHEDREAM Wall Calendar

Listennnnnn, our CEO, @TyraShange, had to become real UNBOTHERED to put this affirmation calendar together for us.

It took some sleepless nights + some weary days HEALING from past defeats, imposter syndrome + outdated insecurities.

“…God says she’s capable…”

She had to learn how to affirm herself + remember who God says she’s capable of becoming v. what the world (haters, enemies, liars) said she was.

Choose to #SlayTheDream, too!

What will you focus on becoming in 2023? Unbothered? Healed? Happier? More whole?

…Just remember, the choice is yours! Choose to #SlayTheDream, too!

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Oh, and Happy Black Friday! 🖤

—Sincerely, Tyra 👑

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