Prayer for Enduring Life ❤️‍🔥

Good + Faithful Heavenly Father, we seek Your presence today. Stand on Your promises to us as we attempt to please You through word + deed. Let’s us hear Your instructions with a clarity that let’s us know You are close to us. Let us in on what makes Your heart smile so we can create more joy + peace, love + kindness in this world. Show us how to thwart every attack of the enemy + defend what You have built.

My worry, dear Lord, is not that the battle is difficult but rather that its long + overwhelming. Increase my stamina + lay a foundation of endurance + patience in my heart, oh God. And while I wait in worship + praise to Your Name, create an unshakable assurance in me, Lord. Bless me with Your divine confidence + wise insight about my next steps. Order my steps + direct my path so that I might live a life that is pleasing + useful to Your plan. And pull me back from the fires of life that resemble Your passion but are really distractions + set ups placed before me. Help me, help us all become more discerning of who You are + how You never change + will fulfill our needs when we aim to participate in Your works.

In Jesus Christ’s Name,

Today, I’m reading Hebrews 11:5-6 MSG. For more posts like this, try reading prayers on the “#GRWM Prayers” page. It has prayers I’ve prayed for myself, family, friends, and a few people I don’t know but have seen in passing. There are a range of prayer topics + costs me nothing to share them with you if you need/want to read them. Hope this is helpful.

—Sincerely, Tyra 💕

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