What’s Your Fave Day of the Week?

Thursday is a day that’s so uniquely positioned in the week. I think it may be my favorite day, in fact. Technically, it’s the last workday before the weekend. And, thanks to social media, of course, it’s the day of the week that makes you reminisce on fond memories. (Do you know the history of the hashtag #TBT? See here, for more.)

Here at Sincerely, Tyra, we hope you this Thursday makes you think of a memory that makes you smile. Real big. 😁

My fond memory of the week is in honor of a friends trip I’m getting ready to take this weekend.

The Year: 2022. Yeah, I know, not that far away of a throwback… but stick with me while I set the scene.

The Scene: Brunch vibes at a restuarant If been to before—but was completely impressed by a side of the establishment with a certain je ne sais quoi that I hadn’t noticed previously.

The Queens: Out with friends because it had really been a minute since we’d seen each other + we missed each other’s laughs!

@Machine Engineered Dining + Drinks

Fun Fact: I was originally going to get a nose ring on this day in May instead of July. But it was more fun just riding around with my friends looking for the right shop.

Random selfies

The Secret Dream: Sometimes I wish I could get ALL my friends in one space sharing the same dope energy… One day… coming soon… to a #SlayTheDream event near you.

Pray 🙏🏾 safe travels over us as we move around this weekend. (Yes, I know it’s actually the Hi-five emoji—but it’s our prayer hands on this blog).

—Sincerely, Tyra 💕

P.S. The #SlayTheDream Affirmation Cards Set is an instant confidence booster that I wrote for all my friends + queens working on their dreams. To purchase, you can make a secure payment accessible from our Shop with EbonySun page or following link.

P.S.S. Should @whenqueenslinkpod (IG profile) do a @dinemachine (website) review with the queens? The food was good, drinks were flowing + of course, the company was great! Comment 🍽️ if you’d like us to do a group review!

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