What’s Your Middle Name?

So we’ve been seeing this “Post Yours” that encourages social media users to introduce themselves with their middle names.

We’ve decided to follow suit—but with a SincerelyTyra twist, of course.

…Meet Cнαηєℓ…

Tyra flashes that super sweet + playful smile—Cнαηєℓ rarely smiles. Yet, somehow, you still know she’s bringing a good time with her!

Tyra doesn’t have to do much, while Cнαηєℓ… Oh, honey, Cнαηєℓ is going to do the most just because. Original Diva.

Chanel giving vogue vibes.

Tyra grew up struggling with confidence (+ eventually found her voice). Cнαηєℓ is a Glorilla line come to life with a splash of Dr. Naomi.

Would y’all like to see more Cнαηєℓ? Leave a ❤️‍🔥 in the comments, if y’all can handle her! Meanwhile, meet ya fave podcasting self-care Queen, Tyra (+ maybe Cнαηєℓ 🤩 one day soon) over at the @sincerelytyra YouTube channel!

—Sincerely, Cнαηєℓ ❤️‍🔥

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PSS: A lot of people think my middle name is Shange. And, while that is a moniker I’ve chosen to identify with (i.e. @tyrashange), it actually isn’t the middle name I was given at birth. Is more of a stage name + was inspired by my time playing @ntozakeshangeofficial’s Lady in Orange in the @denisonbsu + Office of Multicultural Student Affairs reimagining of her stage play, ‘For Colored Girls.’

I DON’T OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG. No copyright infringement intended.

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