Perspective Shift: Accepting Help

We talk about perspective ALOT on the When Queens Link podcast + to be honest, I wrote this little note to myself after I started feeling better + regaining my strength from COVID + the accident.

But, before I wrote it, I felt so bad. Helpless even. I hated not been able to get up out of bed + do things for myself. I hated having a limp in my walk or having to hold on to the wall so I wouldn’t fall trying to get to the bathroom. Talk about a burden: having to need someone to bring you food because you’re physically too weak. Three weeks of wondering: “what if I can’t heal from this this?”

I often think, “if you wouldn’t have made that one mistake…” But, I’m learning to accept help from those that truly love + genuinely care about me. And, realizing that my past mistakes don’t make me less deserving of real help + support. I was sick + putting even more stress + anxiety on myself worrying about receiving much needed help. I’m learning that God brings you the strength you need + relishes when you accept that God can do wonders when you feel your weakest.

Today, DECIDE to be faithful enough to ask God for help in the areas of life where you feel weak. Read: Psalm 121:2. I promise, if you’re consistent with your request, your perspective will start to shift + God will take over from there.

If this felt good to read, share it with someone you know may need a change in perspective today. Have a peaceful day!

—Sincerely, Tyra 💕

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