Keys to a Longer Life

Honey, Ms. Annie Mae Belin of Darlington, S.C. (what a cute city name 🥰) became a household name in June of last year from this clip of her reminding us to mind our own business!

Now, our Founder, @SincerelyTyra, has been saying this FOR YEARS.

But since Ms. Belin is the proof and the truth, we’re going to let her say it for the people in the back this time! 🗣 Click on video below to watch her share the sound advice in the WPDE news clip. If you see this, Ms. Belin: HAPPY 103rd!!

Shout out to @black_positivity (2022) + WPDE (2021) for sharing the good news! 💕

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Ms. Belin Turns 102 + gives us the key to long life!

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