Sis is Tired!

I want an “off-the-grid” wellness weekend, too. 💕

After work, after running errands across town + back, after recording: I tweeted (and posted to IG) this thought last night.

To be honest, I want an “off-the-grid” wellness weekend, too!

…No, seriously. Anyone else feeling this way lately?

I talk about what it takes to #SlayTheDream often. But this week, I had to stop + contemplate what it meant to not live up to my highest standards + to actually rest in my fatigue (i.e. listen to my body).

What I realized:

  1. I haven’t prioritized adequate sleep this week.
  2. I made little room for self-reflection (or personal growth).
  3. I can ask for help before I “need” it.
    (For example, my brother came over to babysit and cleaned/organized my daughter’s room for her and my kitchen today—without me asking 🥹). This took two things off my to-do list + made me tear up a lil bit.

What are some things you are doing to make your weekend or next week feel less draining? 😩

Get comfy in the comments. 💬 You never know how your routine or new attempts could help someone’s perspective!

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—SincerelyTyra 🖤

One response to “Sis is Tired!”

  1. I feel this so much right now. Even though it’s Saturday and I really want to get out and about I truly just feel drained completely today for some reason. I decided to just be today. No plans. No responsibilities other than my child. No pressure. Just lounging around and resting.

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