Joy Over Everything

I wrote this under an Instagram post the other day:

“Made some mistakes in January, but February was up. Lost some loved ones back in March + April. So, May made me value my temple more, practice smiling from my soul + surround myself in laughter + good vibes. Overall, 2022 has been kind to me.”

In January, I did a lot of declaring + decreeing that this year would be a “Year of Immense Joy.” So, I have to stand on my word.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve felt the shiver of a wilderness season more than once throughout the first half of the year. There were even a few times when I couldn’t see how good God’s gifts looked on me.

But we have to be mindful of the promises God has placed over our lives.

Focusing on my choice to incorporate joy into my life daily has helped me to realize that we stomp on the devil’s neck every time we choose joy (+ peace) over responding in flesh (i.e. fear, anger, or violence). Before you ask: Yes, I still get angry, frustrated, and sad because I am human.

…we stomp on the devil’s neck every time we choose joy…

In fact, the more you choose joy, the more attacks will come. But, if you’re busy focusing on ways to consistently enjoy life, you’re armed + ready.

So, here I am in June + it’s still joy over everything! I’m remaining faithful to my January declaration and reaping the benefits of actively choosing joy.

Repeat after me:
I’m expectant + excited for the rest of the year.

—Sincerely, Tyra 🖤

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