Talk Nice to Me! 🤭

Dear readers,

It’s been a long winter/spring/not-yet-summer transition. To be honest, I feel myself falling back into that sluggish mood as Chicago embarks on its fourth cloudy day in a row.

Wanna know a secret? 🤫

…I haven’t worked out or walked since Sunday. 🫠

Annnnnddd, my energy is low. When my energy is low, I definitely feel less confident than usual or less prepared to take on the world.

However, I know I’m not alone. According to WebMD, there are “95 conditions associated with fatigue, low self-esteem, restless or irritability and socially withdrawn” (2022). The list seems really long. But after reading it, it kind of makes sense how sleep deprivation, dehydration, depression, hay fever, and some cancers how these conditions can connect an individual’s energy level to their confidence level.

I wonder what would happen though if we chose to push through the fatigue + start our days with some positives self-talk. 🤔

In November 2020—with all the craziness that was the year 2020—I decided to to start my morning routine by looking in the mirror + saying at least 5 nice things to myself before talking to anyone else. (Well, I technically still y’all to God first. But hopefully you get the picture.)

So, I dare you to look in the mirror + say 5 compliments about yourself before you leave the house this morning.

Need an example? Okay, here’s what I said yesterday:

Tyra: It’s Hump Day… the sun is hiding behind a gang of clouds… + the work is piling up…

BUT, 1. you’re fine,

2. you’re fly,

3. time (youth) is on your side,

4. you’re resourceful +

5. you know how to make things happen efficiently!

Bonus: You can handle this day! 💕

Need a more consistent reminder? The #SlayTheDream Affirmation Card Set is an instant confidence booster that I wrote for queens working on their dreams. 🤩

To purchase, you can shop our store or use this link:

Feel free to buy one for you + a friend.

—@sincerelytyra 🖤

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