I’m Speaking at a Mother’s Day Brunch!

This was my one attempt to freestyle a voiceover on top of my reel. I joke about being a rapper but this is difficult. I think I’m done with that tho🤞🏾. My brother likes to explain his battle rap picks to me. Apparently, yesterday was a major kings vs queens show in the culture. Yes, I looked it up @caffeine @urltv on IG! And it’s so amazing to me how freestyle battles work. Like how can I come up with captions off the dome, but can’t actually rap in front of people to save my life?? In fact, thinking about my poems: I have a lot of really dope one liners strung together (like a clothes line🤣)…. Anyway, I really do love rapping as a form of communication tho. 😩

Battle rapping is like the most interesting version of public speaking to. I have think I can appreciate it because I love to talk. For each part of my work, I get to have some of the dopest conversations + experiences with inspiring people. And then, I get to talk about those experiences—and y’all actually listen to my stories. Life is good.

So, I’m curious to hear from my audience. If you’re still reading this, I hope you’ve been captivated by my stories! Whether you’ve been following the SincerelyTyra.com blog, watched my lives on social media, listened to one of the 45+ podcast episodes that I’ve hosted, numerous community events or meetings facilitated, or read my poetry, I wanna hear your favorite TyraShange story! Shoot me a quick comment below to share!

Oh, + if you’re still with me, grab everybody + they mamas because I’m battle rapping next week! Just kidding! But I do have a speaking engagement at the AOT Mother’s Day Brunch on Saturday, May 7th! Get your tickets here: Forever Grateful. We’d love to brunch + kick it with you this time next week! 💕

—Sincerely, Tyra 🖤

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