Prayer for Guidance + Insight

Heavenly Father, El Roi, Jehovah Jireh! At the mention of Your Name, we rise up to rejoice! We gain great peace after praising You, Lord because prayer changes our perspective! You keep us in ways that we could never know + a you fight battles in front of us that seem impossible to win. God, You are the God of the Angel Armies + the God of Gideon + the God that shook the earth a thousand times over when Man did not obey Your call to obedience, kindness + freedom. We take pleasure in knowing You love us, God. But we stand in awe of the thought of You desiring more time with us! You, the God that is Creator of all things in every universe + galaxy. You: the God of the Heavens, the earth, the same that formed me in my mother’s womb + transformed her body for me to be delivered into this world. You are our beacon, lighthouse, and way finder in dark times! You are the God of mighty transitions + unexpected blessings! You are a guarantee, a closer, a victorious warrior, and redeemer alike. I thank You for parting the wind, snow + sleet on my behalf. I thank You for protecting + covering my car on the highway. Jesus, You were my eyes when the snow picked up so heavy, it made cars that were right in front of me invisible to a plain eye. Thank You for Your hands covering my hands and Your power resting on my decisions, Holy Spirit. We are blessed to only count the cars + trucks that were turned over this weekend versus being one of them. God, I pray that every passenger connected to one of those vehicles is now safely back home + resting from the tumultuous night. Let them see the light of Your day + know that You were the one that opened their eyes. Let them rise from their beds to give You the praise + honor that You are due! Get the glory out of our testimonies today, Heavenly Father!

Reach out to us again + help our people know that You have not abandoned us, oh God—but only wanted more time with us! The enemy has done a number of our families. He has all but taken our men and boys. Mothers are weary, sisters are afraid + burdened with raising sibling-children. We want to feel Your love, God. But some of us don’t know where or how to begin to accept Your love + tender mercy. The rest of us are simply tired this morning, God. So I say thank You in advance for the way that You will build up our strength + develop our endurance today, God. Grant us a Ruth-like endurance, God. Bring forth a healing of the land for us to be able to eat from it, God. And when it comes, rain down a Tirzah-level of tenacity + help us wipe every weary tear, so we can get back to doing Your work. Help us to strategize versus being reactionary. My life depends on Your vision, God! Grant me the favor of Your insight + discernment. Bear fruit from my yes + my no in this season, Yahweh! Take me + make me everything You need me to be, BUT prune away the very things that would work to keep me seeking Your face. Let no man, woman or situation get in the way of my desire to share Your love, Father! Keep me from being so naïve that people try to use me for their agenda. I need Your help like never before, God. Correct me in the ways that I fall short, uplift me to be able to continue caring for Your people. Protect + guard my heart to stay away from anyone personally or professionally that would only take from me without wishing to restore. Let my real friends show up like stars—bright + unified. Let them outshine anyone who You would see as a distraction, Most High. Fill each of our cups to the brim with love, kindness + Immense Joy! Only You have the power to make our purpose produce fruit. Set our paths straight so that we can grow + flourish in the position in which You desire to water us. + Help me to take my energy back from those that don’t deserve or appreciate it. I have soo much more work to do with You guiding my hands. Thank You for trusting me!
In Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen!

I’m reading: 2 Chronicles 29:11 + Job 26

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