Beloved, you’ve been living in the dark if you think that there’s not an active war on Black bodies across America right now. Laquan’s murderer, ex-CPD vigilante, Jason Van Dyke, is due to be released from his country club prison on February 3rd FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR? What type of asinine, ludicrous, bull …Nevermind, I’m too cute to cuss. But, it does make me hella angry when I look at my brother and his friends, or my students and mentees and wonder:

How many more hashtags before I’m crying over one of them? Or before your family members are left crying over your Black body?

Click the link in my bio to sign and share the #INDICTVanDyke #J4L Change.org petition! We need 100,000 signatures to REMIND our elected officials that they need to push US Atty General Merrick Garland and US Atty John Lausch to press FEDERAL charges against Jason Van Dyke for the 16 bullets he unloaded into the body of 17-year-old, Laquan McDonald. This was a SENSELESS MURDER of a Black boy. Don’t live in the dark thinking it won’t happen again if we stay quiet! SIGN IT AND SHARE IT WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS, FAMILY, AND FRIENDS!

Let’s get #Justice4Laquan #J4L and send the message to his family (black boys his age) that he has not been forgotten about!


Go sign this + share it with your followers!

*No copyright infringement intended! I DO NOT own the rights to this @kanyewest song. 🖤

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