The Importance of Memory Lane 💕

Here’s why I like Facebook memories so much:

This picture was taken after I published my first book, A Smothered Scripture, + before I ever started planning recent large-scale events professionally (meaning: I was doing it for free for years for Denison University. What a time! You think I do it all now? …I had soo many dreams + goals back then!).

But there’s a story inside all of us. And, sometimes—when we’re not paying attention—we let the weight of the world make us forget who we are + all that makes us great.

On February 19th, I’ll be back sharing my story + motivating you to find your unique voice… Ya know, just in case you want to tell your story to the world.

Join me on the journey with the The Art of Transparency, Tour! We head to Memphis first, then Phoenix, have multiple Chicago dates, racing to Jamaica in November + more!

—Sincerely, Tyra #SlayTheDream 🖤💕

P.S. Many thanks to elder Harold Lucas for the opportunity + mentorship all these years!

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