Choosing Joy, Week 1

2021 showed me that I could be the strong friend. But, 2022 is about me taking the steps to invest back into me. Just owe it to myself. 🥰

So, I started the year off doing more of the things that I love: writing, recording, check industry stats at work (🤓), planning + focusing on joy.

My theme this year is “Immense Joy.”

So I’m being intentional about actually absorbing the moment + filling my space with things that make me happier.

What did you focus on these first 7 days? Share your focus for the year + any theme you want to carry throughout 2022 in the comments!

Praying you have a peaceful, prosperous, + joy-filled year!
—Sincerely, Tyra 👸🏾🖤💕

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