Dude, Where’s My Blog?

A few people said that I’ve been a little quiet lately. So, here goes:

I’ve been working. Working on various projects… Trying to make sure what’s for me is for me…Focused on alignment…

So, here’s a quick update on what we’ve been working on! Of course, we’ll be back with more #GRWM prayers, relationship updates, + poetry soon! In the meantime, pick your favorite project below and interact with us on your preferred social media platform! 🖤

A few of our projects that our readers may like to support include:

✍🏾 Sincerely, Tyra is my Facebook business page for my books and blog. We are on Instagram and Twitter, too. Now, let me be clear: This blog isn’t going anywhere. Social media simply helps us stay connected to you in a different way. Follow us on your favorite platform to keep up with our day-to-day journey + more writing updates!

👕 EbonySun Chicago is my Facebook business page that promotes my clothing line. ((☺️ That’s a sentence that the fifth grader in me (who used to draw/redesign our cheerleading uniforms, btw)—never imagined I be able to say.)) We are building this project out more and more each day and working on the actual website version. But, you can follow our other social mediums (Instagram and Twitter) to stay up-to-date, too.

🎉 While I’m talking about website creation, I just got my first paid opportunity to create a local organization’s first website. …Yes, their FISRT-ever website! This is big for the company as we expand our services!

📰 Community Connection is a Facebook page that I created + manage for a community information-sharing/peace-building initiative to connect residents in Grand Crossing and South Shore to positive events, mutual aid, and helpful information. The page is tailored to information for SS + GC residents, but I’d love to start one in other neighborhoods that need this positive energy/information sharing. I have a few youth that help create content or collect Community info. It is a sustainable, replicable model that she created to get them involved and add some paid experience to their resumes. Oh, and we are on Instagram, too @connectsouthshore. Follow us, beloved!

🎙Youth Development, What’s Working & What’s Not is a podcast available across all streaming platforms created by Jacquelyn O. Eadie + myself to provide a safe space for youth development practitioners, youth, parents, + village-minded folk to discuss topics that concern our youth and their needs. We’ve discussed everything from mental health to intergenerational conflict/miscommunication.

We love having guests on the show like Joseph Butler + Anthony Townsend and appreciate when our audience joins the conversation in our Facebook Live sessions. You can find us on IG, too!

🎤 And, of course, I cannot forget The Art of Transparency 2021 Tour! This platform has given speakers access to audiences across the globe! It is a stage that welcomes speakers to talk about their trauma, pain, and the healing journey for the purpose of helping others. There are a few more tour stops before the end of the year. Next up is Atlanta! To purchase tickets, visit the AOT website.

Comment below with projects (or even goals) that you’re working on. This is a safe space built for encouragement + accountability! 💛

Continue to #SlayTheDream!

–Sincerely, Tyra 🖤

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