No Cap. | Only a Prayer.

God, this afternoon, I want You to know that You are appreciated. There are so many times in my life when I have been distracted and forgotten who You are, have been, and continuously will be.

So, in this moment, I am making time in my day and making room in my mind to put You first.

You have been so gracious to me this year. You have taken good care of my family and friends. You have protected us and covered us and kept us and built a fence around our lives that we might not fall prey to the world’s traps.

You have provided for us. There are people that don’t understand where their help comes from. But God! You have settled here. You have figured out what we needed right when we needed it most. We have not gone hungry this year, Father. We have not been homeless this year, Father. We have had clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet by the work of Your hand, Heavenly Father. And You have even given us the desires of our hearts in some areas. We have accomplished goals this year, by Your grace and mercy—and despite our neglecting You on some days!

You are better than good to us. Can we just tell You how much we love You? Can we just live for You in these next years of our earthly lives? Father, can we wait for You a bit longer? We want to see Your face but are content and proud to say we will wait for You. Can we bless Your Name by living out the purpose that You have so uniquely chosen for us?

How can we please You today, Father God? How can we make You smile on this day? Make Your desires known to us. Use us for Your will. Dwell in us. Breathe Your Holy Spirit on us. We are only asking for Your presence on this day.

Thank You for being a good Father. Thank You for being there for us at every turn. Thank You for never abandoning us. Thank You that when Your Name is called, You answer. Show up for us yet again in this day, Lord.

This I ask in Your Son, Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen.

Today, I’m listening to “Settle Down” and I’m reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (Peace in His Presence Edition)

No cap. | Only a #prayer.

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