The Black Woman | Poem

This womb

was created to create life

These hands

made to make magic

These feet and legs,

stand stronger than a pyramid,

immovable during struggles

This heart

pumps blood of Ghanaian warriors

and American freedom fighters

This hair

grows closer to the sun

each day, vivid reminder

of my royalty

She sustains a legacy

far greater than just 28 days.

The Black Woman exceeds what

most modern minds can comprehend.

She is a master of ancient ways.


2 responses to “The Black Woman | Poem”

  1. learnervegan Avatar

    This is so powerful and strong! Did you write it?

    1. Hi @learnervegan! Yes, this is an original piece written by yours truly. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it! It will be in my next book (Soul Fed)! Will be released at the end of this summer.

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