Diggin’ in the Crates…

“Revolutionary Love” is a poem featured in the book, A Smothered Scripture. I created this video on Windows before any of the fancy social media apps we have now.

You ever have a dream that just keeps nagging you? I remember wanting to write poetry for as long as I can remember—but…

“That’s not a real job.”

“You can’t support yourself off a dream.”

“Can’t eat poetry.”

Words I’d hear and some if tell myself. As I look back over the past ten years, I realize my dream would’ve made a way—if I would have kept feeding it. And, I can literally kick myself for not sharing this passion, this dream, these words with the world sooner.

The video you’re watching is one that I created about nine years ago for a poem entitled, “Revolutionary Love.”

You can find it—and much more—in the books on my website. #linkinbio

I hope you like it and that it encourages you! Remember the journey to #SlayTheDream has to start somewhere!

—Sincerely, Tyra

Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to this song. These are not my images. (Don’t sue me, #Adele and #WAK ! But buy the books!)

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