#HealitGod: Fear of Love

I read somewhere that God can’t heal what you are unprepared to reveal. This is an interesting concept that requires us to do a bit of work. Mainly, if you are not in the mindset to be self-reflective and confess your flaws and sins to God, they’ll remain thorns in your side.

As my relationship grows stronger with Him, I want to be able bring every flaw to His altar. Prayerfully, my goal is just be a better mom, sister, friend, lover (to my future husband), and person, in general.

Speaking of being a better lover, it takes a certain level of vulnerability to be “in love” and a great partner. But I’m pretty sure my last relationship was ruined by my inability open up to him completely. I was worried of would happen if I became “too in love.” Before my next relationship, I’m praying and carving out time to figure how to overcome this fear.

I used to think vulnerability equaled fear. But I’ve been learning that it’s actually freedom; complete freedom to be all that you are without apology or regret. But because I aligned this concept with fear (and in many ways, weakness), I ended up building walls with someone I really cared about.

So, as God continues to work in and through me, I’ve asked Him to make me more willing to stand in my truth and allow my strength and vulnerability to complement each other. I know it will take some time… and faith… and discernment. I’m re-reading both the New International Version and The Message Bible of 1 Corinthians 13:4-13 to gain more insight.

Is this even an issue or fear within God-centered relationships? Comment below and let me know how you overcame the of fear of loving too deeply.

-Sincerely, Tyra

2 responses to “#HealitGod: Fear of Love”

  1. This is one fear I have not overcome yet honestly. I feel where you’re coming from completely. I often times shut out great men whom I may be totally into romantically with no issues between the two of us due to my fear of loving him more than he loves me. Plus I have been told before by a toxic man I was dealing with in the past that I loved too much and too hard. This is something I’m working on balancing but it is a process. Great article, I enjoyed reading it!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I think I built a couple brick walls when I was healing from the previous relationship lbs. Everyone’s healing process is different and they acknowledgement is the first step! I pray that our hearts are fully healed, comforted and open to real and reciprocal love in preparation for the next men that wants to love us!

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