Dear Self Project

We have ten days left in 2018.

You’ve made it this far despite this year having been a test of of your patience, your strength—and possibly—your sanity. But there is definitely something to look forward to and many more things for which to be thankful. Remember, my words you’ve made it THIS far. Keep going! Figure out how to make next year so great, so inspired, so blessed that you don’t feel like you’re being broken in two by December. And if you can’t do that—at least you can look back and smile knowing you’re so much farther along in your journey than where you used to be. Can’t you see? If you give up; if you allow yourself to become pitiful and self-loathing, you’ll never finish the race you’re in; you’ll lose the war by conceding the battle. And you’re worth so much more than just what you’re feeling about yourself right now for this brief moment. You owe it to yourself to continue marching toward that goal. Take heart, readjust your crown and slay that dream!

This started as me speaking over a loved one, but I ended up speaking life over me, too.

—Sincerely, Tyra





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