The Meaning of Tyra

Someone called me the Goddess of Self-Love. I find this interesting because according to Google the name Tyra in Scandinavian is the feminine variation of Tyr: god of War, Battle.

Most of my life, I’ve been trying to figure out how to reframe that “definition” into a positive one or redefine my name based on the legacy I want to leave. Especially since I have also struggled with believing that I deserve love and all the things opposite of war throughout my childhood and younger years. And–I highly doubt my ancestors were from Scandinavia. So the purpose of this lesser god could not even be accurate when applied to my lineage.

But it made me feel really mushy inside when someone recognized this internal war that I have been battling with for years and saw me winning it.

I’ll hold on to this newly-given moniker for awhile and hope that people see my example and work to love themselves a little more.

—Sincerely, Tyra (The Goddess of Self-Love)

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