So Why Are You Single?

I was asked a couple of weeks ago why I didn’t have a boyfriend (of course, it was man–only men ask that question). While I told the truth, I also should have given the following list of reasons that keep me from “plummeting” into the abyss of love and relationships. (Funny, I used to be a hopeless romantic.) Remember, to be aware is to be alive.

–Sincerely, Tyra

So why is Tyra single?

1. Waiting on someone equally yoked.

2. Waiting on someone strong enough to COMMUNICATE their feelings.

3. But I get stuck in my own feelings and will shut down quick.

4. I cut people off when they’re talking.

5a. I’m easily excited about every day things.

5b. Which means I’m probably a lil annoying 🤔

6. I work crazy hours/too much.

7. I don’t play coy.

8. I’m too grown to play Blues Clues with people’s feelings — wayamin, did I say that already?

9. I don’t cook often (see # 6).

10. I’d rather text or FaceTime than hold the phone to my ear.

11. I’m immensely flawed.

12. I’m equally immensely awesome.

13. Probably need to pick a struggle (In ref to 11-12).

14. I lack patience most days.

15. I am sarcastic asl—smart-mouthed to many.

16. I want too much quality time because I’m really a softie.

17. But there are too many ppl depending on my time/talents for cuddle time honestly.

18. I am a big picture thinker so lil things become complex.

19. I am easily annoyed.

20. I don’t really kno why tho. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

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