If You Lead, We’ll Follow

“Those who criticize this generation forget who raised us.”

In a conversation about leadership, I shared this photo of Mamie Till. A couple of my middle schoolers had no idea who she was, a few others didn’t understand why she made my list of leaders, and one student even said she was “doing the most.”

So this week, we watched a quick video about her struggle navigating America’s racism and the heinous murder of her son, Emmitt Till—who was very close to them in age.

They had so many questions. We talked about how strong she had to be to endure all of those years reliving this story for interviews. Then, we played a game to help them understand their own strengths in communication/delegation.

We rarely get second chances to change a person’s mind. This time I did simply because they are longing for a connection to the generation before them. They are thirsty for depictions of genuine leadership. They are hungry for more relatable teachers and information that enhances their strengths. My point is, we can’t fault children for not knowing or understanding our history if we aren’t intentionally teaching them the truth and how it connects to their current lives.

Just sharing,

–Sincerely, Tyra 🖤

#SlayTheDream #ChiPeaceProject


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