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Weekend.Remnants | Shange.Sings


I witnessed so much BlackGirl/BlackBoyJoy at the 15th Annual Silver Room Block Party last weekend! The music was awesome during the main party (ahem… excuse me belting out this… I had to say a quick my bad for not listening to my girl–even though we all know this Montell Jordan joint is/was/always has been my JAM!)

We were still missing a few people by this point but worked it out by the end of the night and even added My Joy to the celebration the next morning for brunch!

I still can’t believe that this event has been going on for 15 years in Hyde Park. It vibes very much like a family barbecue or class reunion. (Random note: I personally think that Hyde Park is the “newest edition” to Bronzeville and that the SRBP should be renamed the Silver Room Black Party… You know you were thinking it!)

In some of the hash-tagged posts on IG, I saw that people had come in from all over the country. It was incredibly DOPE to see such a huge commitment from the Black community in support of Chicagoland’s Black entrepreneurs and performance artists! Honestly, it seemed like all the locally-grown talent was out except for the Obamas (…and Yeezy and Chance, but you feel me. The rest of my faves were there!)

I can’t wait for next year! I’m sure it will even be bigger and better and have even more beautiful, Black, creative, and life-giving surprises in store! If God’s will, I’ll be in the spot, too!

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