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You know some people kill me. What’s that saying about underestimating your opponent… Well, that phrase is constantly running through my head at work.

I hear the, “Oh, she’s so articulate” or “Yeah, you really handled that nicely” kind of BS from colleagues who aren’t even on my level all day. I could let it piss me off or I could use as fuel.

Unfortunately, the last few people in my position were either fired or let go. I think the people that preceded me has a lot to do with why coworkers thinking I’m less than anything worthy of their expectations out of the gate. From my higher ups giving last minute assignments to my grants colleague’s weak apologies for not solidifying funds specific to my program areas to my office mates making the most noise by my desk when I’m on the phone (the main copy machine is right by my desk 🤦🏾‍♀️). It’s like every interaction (rather than just every assignment) is a test in which I have to prove myself as capable of handling insanity with grace and poise.

But trust, every time I’m thrown a challenge, my response is a layup. Throw me the rock and it’s done. AND I make it look effortless. People look at me and talk to me like they are so surprised I’m this awesome (read: resourceful, capable). Surely, most people thought I would break…

Well, I wonder if they see me slaying this dream.

Likewise, I hope anyone trying to belittle your shine without giving you a fair chance are blown away by your consistent tenacity and innovation.

-Sincerely, Tyra

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