RIP to the City (excerpt)

On the L tryin not to think about splattered blood; the tears shed in this seat; or worry why we’ve been sitting here so long.

Rest in peace, Jessica Hampton.

On my way; homebound. Praying nothing jumps off as I pass the Green Line. Who knows how many bullets have flown by
this very spot within a week’s time.

Could be Bryson in my ears, got me in my feelings. Willing to bet it’s not as sirens blaring and blue lights flaring pass us. It’s dangerous in the city. Wishing that the violence would one day past us.

Love and hate my town. Love picnics by the lake, the food truck fests and how our mindset is to never stay down for too long. Hate hearing these broken records on the news about chilrdren dying to gun play. Say now, isn’t it time for a new song?

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