Formation Station 2:19 (excerpt)

He say,
I gotta a little thicker since
my younger days.
Say, I still slay, still sexy.
Wanted to get with me
then too. Asked about my baby
and my Mr. Boo.
Said he liked my vibes then,
always knew I was cool.
Talked a bit about his bid,
his mama, siblings,  and his kid.
I thanked him, hugged him goodbye
and told him be safe.

Little dude,
needed some motivation,
uplifting for his concentration.
Mama just passed, now his brother too
Working on that….

©2016 Tyra C. Owens


Published by Tyra

"Poetry is at the center of me. So I freak letters and words to birth imagery in hopes that its conception delivers more meaning to my reality. More simply, I write and this is my marvelous testimony." Sincerely, Tyra

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