Text Drafts (excerpt)

3. We have history and you
flow thru me like the mighty Niger…
Founded in Baobab root can we possibly
last as long?

5. Brown speckled bears
segment the yearnings of
grown women who skipped
adolescence. Now, too
mature to mention all that
was missed, she clenches to
stuffed animals dreaming of
childhood bliss even amidst
the “muscle-cut arms” she sleeps
wrapped in like an old blankie.

Days of snowball fights
and getting lost under garland
and Christmas tree lights.
Days of riding daddy’s shoulders
until the sky fell atop her.
Days compared then vs. now seem so evil.
When she was special to one man.
Days Imagined versus Reality.

13. I wish I could tell you every thing I enjoy/ like how the motion of your tongue spiraling my neck spins my mind and how your dick conforms to whatever shape my hand measures/ but since this is a Mans World…. Guess I’ll shut up and lie here motionless and mute.

©2016 Tyra C. Owens


Published by Tyra

"Poetry is at the center of me. So I freak letters and words to birth imagery in hopes that its conception delivers more meaning to my reality. More simply, I write and this is my marvelous testimony." Sincerely, Tyra

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