For The Record #JusticeForLaquan

The footage and updates of the #JusticeForLaquan protest happening  right now on the streets of downtown Chicago have me deep in my feelings tonight (Feelings of disgust, abandonment, and overall distrust for my Black elected officials AND feelings of worry for tonight’s foot soldiers as I’m praying no more of them will be retaliated against for practicing their rights). One question has been weighing heavy on my mind: where were our (insert: ESPECIALLY Black) elected officials tonight???!!! I was not in attendance, but I’m curious as to which ones were and weren’t there since I KNOW they’ll be door knocking & “peace protesting” come election time. I (and surely others) just want safe neighborhoods equipped with safe, fully-funded schools; empathetic police districts and officers that are grown from the struggle/community; a damn trauma center. So if you’re reading this (elected officials) and your agenda sounds dissimilar, don’t come door knocking this election season. At least not at my/or any of my family’s homes–because you ain’t getting our vote=our money to sit still on these issues or stay at home when the next protest happens.

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