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So National Poetry Day came and went this year so quickly that I was totally unprepared to post or write in celebration… Ah, but God! As I was swiping thru my phone gallery I came across the footage I captured of my daughter on our walk from the park. And although I promised my commentary on how daughter-to-mother relationships set standards for intimate relationships in my last post, I thought I’d set this poem I wrote about my own babygirl here to wet your proverbial palates until said commentary is actually written down. Also, the poem is shorter than the back story I’m presenting, but oh well. Oh and Happy (Albeit Belated) National Poetry Day, Enjoy!


Caption This

Here you are My Joy

ever-reminding me

to kick off my shoes

and wiggle freely.

Yes, princess.

Be free!

Live! Toes spread,

eyes wide; live secure

and passionately!

-Sincerely, Mama

©2015 Tyra C. Owens


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